Image 01Dorina Aliu
Project Manager

Dorina Aliu provides multifaceted environmental engineering support services to Hydro Tech’s private and public client base. These services include Phase I and II ESAs; remedial investigation, design, and oversight; and community air monitoring. Dorina is also working with several governmental agencies to facilitate project flow and approvals, such as the NYSDEC, NYCDEP, and NYCOER.

Her environmental engineering experience includes her role as a Sustainability Associate, Engineering and Construction, for Con Edison’s Environmental Health and Safety Department, where she participated in environmental inspections to monitor State Pollution Discharge Elimination System compliance. She was also responsible for reviewing and updating environmental, health, and safety specifications related to waste management and environmental project planning.

Dorina has held various supervisory and managerial roles spanning Con Edison’s three major commodities (electric, gas, and steam). As Operating Supervisor for Gas Operations, she launched a cost-saving new field technology in work practice improvements, revised operating procedures, and incorporated human performance improvement initiatives. As Operating Supervisor for Steam Operations, she participated in emergency rain response events to ensure system safety and continuity, managed a meter conversion project, and implemented process improvements to dramatically increase productivity.