Due Diligence

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Phase I ESA

Hydro Tech understands that due diligence is an integral part of every real estate transaction. Our staff has over 25 years of experience in conducting environmental site assessments (ESAs) across the United States, having successfully completed over 7,000 Phase I ESAs throughout the country. Being based out of New York City we have a vast understanding of the local and state rules and regulations. Given our extensive experience and work across the country we are your “local” environmental firm from Long Beach, N.Y. to Long Beach, California, and are uniquely positioned in the industry to provide concise, timely and cost-effective Phase I ESA with a national reach for single properties to 100 property portfolios. Our reports are specially tailored to meet the needs of our clients, exceed the ASTM E1527/AAI Standard, and include not only our findings and conclusions, but also recommendations and cost estimates on how to address any identified conditions. Reports can be completed in your desired timeframe, even 24 hours turn around time is possible.

Phase II ESA

The recommendation of a Phase II ESA can add complication and time into an already complex property closing process.  Hydro Tech is a locally-based, non-subcontracted environmental services firm that has successfully performed thousands of Phase II ESAs.  Our experienced staff will guide you through the Phase II ESA process from the fieldwork and reporting to satisfying your lending institutions specific needs.  Potential environmental issues will not prevent you from getting to the closing table.   Our experience with local and state regulatory and agencies combined with forward thinking remedial approach will allow us to provide appropriate remedial recommendations and remedial cost estimates to your lending institution prior to closing. 

Time will also not be an issue. In-house drilling and investigatory service teams as well as our own fleet of geophysical survey equipment, drill rigs, and 7 Geoprobes® allow Hydro Tech to start fieldwork within 24 hours of receiving specifications.

All Phase I and Phase II ESA work is managed from our offices in Hauppauge, New York, all reports are generated from that same location.  We have found this to be of great benefit to our clients so they can see the project through from beginning to end with the same staff.  Hydro Tech is currently working with several banks within the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut tri-state area.  Please contact us today to see if we are on your bank approved list.

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